Top Notch Resort (Stowe, Vermont)

Top Notch Resort (Stowe, Vermont)

During the last week of January, I had the opportunity to go up to, Stowe, Vermont for a few days, for my company’s retreat/offsite. While it wasn’t necessarily a vacation, it was still nice to change locations and get away from the office for a little bit.

Making it even better, we stayed at Top Notch Resort, an award-winning span that features over 35,000 square feet and offers pools, saunas and steam rooms, tennis courts, and other services and amenities. Not to mention, it has amazing views of the Green Mountains.

A majority of our time in the day was spent in presentations and breakout sessions, but when we did have some downtime, I grabbed my camera, explored the resort and was able to snap some photos. I also made a few stops on my drive home at photogenic places such as VT Artisan Coffee & Tea Co.

This past summer, I actually spent some time in Burlington, another popular destination in the Green Mountain State so if you’re interested in seeing and reading about that trip too, you can do so here.

Top Notch Resort

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