Newport, Rhode Island

Visiting Rhode Island's historic lighthouses and beautiful state parks (May 2017)

Newport Photos_.jpg

Beavertail State Park

Beavertail State Park 2.jpg
Beavertail State Park 3.jpg
Beavertail State Park 4.jpg
Beavertail State Park 5.jpg

Fort Wetherill State Park

Newport Rocks.jpg

Fort Adams State Park 

Fort Adams State Park 1.jpg
Newport Photos_-4.jpg
Fort Adams State Park 2.jpg
Newport Bird.jpg
Fort Adams State Park 3.jpg

Castle Hill Light

Newport Photos_-7.jpg
Newport Photos_-6.jpg
Newport Ligthouse.jpg
Newport Photos_-10.jpg

Brenton State Park

Newport Photos_-14.jpg
Newport Photos_-13.jpg
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