Acadia National Park (Bar Harbor, Maine)

Closing out the summer with a road trip to Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor (August 2017)

Sand Beach & The Great Head Trail

Rocks Acadia_.jpg
Rocks 2 Acadia_.jpg
Acadia LG On Rocks.jpg
Acadia Trees.jpg
Hands In The Air Acadia_.jpg
Acadia Great Head Trail.jpg
Ocean Sand Beach Acadia_.jpg
Resortation Area Acadia.jpg

 Thunder Hole

Thunder Hole PPL Acadia.jpg
Thunder Hole Crave Acadia.jpg
Thunder Hole Acadia.jpg
Green Acadia.jpg

Jordan Pond  

Jordan Pond Acadia.jpg

Bluenose Inn  

Bluenose Inn Bar Harbor_.jpg
Pool View Bar Harbor.jpg

Bar Island

Warning Acadia_.jpg
Dirt Road Acadia_.jpg
Entering Acadia.jpg

Downtown Bar Harbor

License Plates Bar Harbor_.jpg
Fisherman's Landing Bar Harbor_.jpg
Chairs Bar Harbor_.jpg
Acadia Collection.jpg
Acadia Collection-2.jpg
Acadia Collection-3.jpg
Acadia Collection-4.jpg
Acadia Collection-5.jpg
Acadia Collection-6.jpg
Acadia Collection-7.jpg

Cadillac Mountain

Acadia Collection-9.jpg
Deer Acadia.jpg
Acadia Collection-10.jpg
Acadia Collection-12.jpg
LG Cadalliac Mountain Acadia.jpg
LG Wide Cadalliac Mountain Acadia.jpg
Acadia Collection-8.jpg
Honda Cadalliac Mountain Acadia.jpg

The Ride Back

Acadia Collection-13.jpg